Is a Medical Marijuana Card right for you or your loved one?

We've all felt uncertain and maybe even a little intimidated with all the different strains, products and delivery methods available today for medical marijuana in Colorado Springs. At Herbal Healing our mission is to help guide our patients to make the right decisions when treating with cannabis.  The goal is always the same; achieving the desired relief, resolution of symptoms and/or simply delivering you to your highest quality of life.  We are able to do this because we train our staff to treat each patient like they would want to be treated. They listen with an open mind and ask relevant questions.  Then individually but systematically we present the appropriate options for your care.  

Our team does this every day and welcomes the opportunity to meet with you or your loved one in a private and confidential setting to offer our FREE Patient Consultation Program. Call any of our three Colorado Springs locations today to set up your appointment.  You will leave your consultation with an individualized patient care plan and an absolute confidence that you now have the tools needed to make educated cannabis care decisions. 

What to expect and bring to your personal FREE consultation:

  • Confidentiality, we will not share your information

  • Private meeting area

  • The consultation usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, but we can dedicate as much time as you need

  • Bring your driver’s license

  • Write down any key points you would like to address during our meeting

  • Write down your pre-existing conditions, symptoms and any allergies i.e. gluten

  • We can certainly recommend certified, educated cannabis medical practitioners where you can get your card

  • Discounts may apply toward getting your card and we will let you know how to get them

How do I get a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card?

  • Must be a Colorado resident

  • Must be over 18 years old

  • Must suffer from a medical condition approved by the state

  • Must have a licensed doctor recommendation

  • Submit forms to the CDPHE

CDPHE Application - Must be over the age of 18

CDPHE State Registry

MMJ Doctors, Clinics, And Evaluations